​We aim to deliver innovative energy and environmental solutions by combining novel surfaces & materials, fundamental understanding in multiscale transport phenomena and state of-the-art model & experimental techniques. Please explore our website, check our recent news, research, publications and gallery and feel free to contact Prof. Nam via ysnam1@khu.ac.kr if you have any questions.


MEL is open to passionate undergraduates, graduates and postdocs. Check the benefits of MELers in following link: MEL-Openings



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2020/01 : New paper (Scientific Reports)

  • Please Congrats Donghyun, Jaehwan, and co-authors for a publication at the Scientific Reports.

  • Title: Brushed Lubricant-Impregnated Surfaces (BLIS) for Long-Lasting High Condensation Heat Transfer.

2020/01 : New paper (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)

  • Please Congrats Donghyun, Jaehwan, Byungyun, Kyungjun, Jooyoung, and co-authors for a publication
    at the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

  • Title: Passive Anti-Flooding Superhydrophobic Surfaces. Link

2019/12 : Conference (PRTEC)

  • MELers attended PRTEC conference in Maui Island, Hawaii and gave 2 talks

  1. Recognition of Hydrophobic Coating Defect During Active Condensation Using the Nucleation Sites Classification Approach (presented by Jaehwan)

  2. Passive Anti-Flooding Superhydrophobic Condensers (presented by Prof. Youngsuk Nam)