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2015/12: New Grant (KETEP) 

  •  MEL receives 3 years of research funding from the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP). 

  •  Topic: Development of bio oil gas turbine combustion system for a distributed power generation (subtopic: bio-oil purification technology)  

2015/11~12: International Collaboration (with University of Lyon & CNRS, France)

  •  Professors Ybert Christophe, Cottin-Bizzone  Cecile, Pirat Christophe and Joly Laurent from CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and University of Lyon, France have visited MEL for a research collaboration. 

2015/11: New Grant (BK21plus: 2nd phase)

  •  MEL successfully renewed the BK21+ and will continue to receive the 2nd phase BK21+ funding. 

2015/11: Conference (KSME)

  •  ​​MELers had a lab outing at the Jeju island with giving three talks in KSME fall conference 

  1. ​​Improved Corrosion Resistance of Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Aluminum Surfaces (presented by Kyungwhan)

  2. Heat and Mass Transfer Performance of Nanostructured Evaporator Wicks Combined with Porous Metal Liquid Supply Structures (presented by Seunggeol)

  3. Water Harvesting Performance of Nano-Engineered Water Repellant Tube Type Condensers (presented by Donghyun)

2015/10: New Paper (International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer)

  • Congratulations to Hyunsik for a publication in the prestigious heat transfer journal International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

  • Title: Condensation Behaviors and Resulting Heat Transfer Performance of Nano-Engineered Copper Surfaces. Link

2015/09: New Affiliation

  • Prof. Nam was nominated as an Associate Editor of Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology.    

2015/09: New Grant (Samsung Electronics)

  • MEL receives 5 years of research funding from Samsung Electronics Semiconductor division. 

  • Title: Advanced thermal packaging techniques for mobile application processors

2015/08: New Paper (Energy)

  • Congratulations to Young Jun and coauthors for a publication in the prestigious energy journal Energy.

  • Title: Study on a numerical model and PSA (pressure swing adsorption) process experiment for CH4/CO2 separation from biogas  Link 

2015/07: Foreign Conference (InterPACK/ICNMM 2015)

  • Seunggeol presents paper at  InterPACK/ICNMM 2015, San Francisco, California, USA, 2015

2015/06: New Paper (Soft Matter)

  • Congratulations to Prof.Nam and coauthors for a publication in the prestigious surface science journal Soft Matter.

  • Title: Two types of Cassie-to-Wenzel wetting transitions on superhydrophobic surfaces during drop impact  Link 

2015/05: New Grant (NRF)

  • MEL receives 3 years of extended young researcher funding (2nd phase) from National Research Foundation (NRF).

  • Topic: Smart heat transfer surfaces with reversible wetting characteristics

2015/04: Conference (KSME)

  •  MELers attended KSME conference in Haeundae, Busan and gave 3 talks.

  1. High energy density thermodynamic battery for space applications 

  2. Water harvesting performance of nano-engineered tube type condensers.  

  3. Nano-engineered surfaces for energy and environmental applications

2015/04: Award (Young Researcher Award) 

  • Congratulations to Prof. Nam for receiving the "Young Researcher Award" from the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineering (KSME). 

2015/04: Media    

  • One of MEL's projects "High energy density thermophotovoltaic battery for space applications" was featured as R&D Innovation by Seoul Finance Newsletter.  Link

2015/04: New Grant (Doosan Heavy Industry)  

  •  MEL receives new research funding from Doosan Heavy Industry.

  •  Topic: Advanced power plant condensers with high heat transfer performance.

2015/02: New patents 

  • Congratulations to Donghyun, Seunggeol and Prof.Nam for registering new patents 

  • #10-1492823: Water harvesting systems with micro/nano hybrid surfaces  

  • #10-1486413: Capillary-driven microfluidics with micropost arrays 

2015/02: MEL Lab Outing 

  • MELers had lots of fun in Hyundai Sungwoo resort.  

2015/02: Domestic Conference 

  • Kyounghwan and Junghun present posters at The 48th Winter Annual Conference of the Korean Vacuum Society, Hoengseong, Korea, 2015

2015/01: New Grant (KRISO)

  •  MEL receives a research funding from Korea Research Institute of Ships and  Ocean Engineering (KRISO).

  •  Topic: Anti-fouling & anti-corrosion nano surfaces for ocean power plants 

2015/01: New Paper (Soft matter)

  • Congratulations to Donghyun and coauthors for a publication in the prestigious surface science journal Soft Matter.

  • Title: Droplet Coalescence on Water Repellent Surfaces  Link 

2015/01: Foreign Conference (GRC) 

  •  Donghyun and Hyunsik present papers at Gordon Research Conference, Galveston, Texas, USA, 2015

2015/01: International Collaboration (Tokyo University of A & T) 

  • MEL established a MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with Tokyo University of A & T  to promote mutual academic cooperation including faculty & student exchange and academic forums.