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2016/12: Conference (KSME)​

  •  ​​MELers attended KSME conference in Kangwonland and gave 4 talks.

  1. Anti-icing performance of oil-infused superhydrophobic surfaces (presented by Donghyun)

  2. ​Anti-Biofouling Performance on Micro/Nano-Engineered Metal Surfaces (presented by Kyounghwan)

  3. Water droplet impet on superhydrophobic mesh (presented by Seunggeol)

  4. Drop spreading on anisotropic structures during impact (presented by Jeonghoon)

2016/10: New patent 

  • Congratulations to Kyounghwan and Prof.Nam for registering new patent

  • #10-1653275: Method for patterning nitinol substrate

2016/08: Workshop (Samsung-KHU joint project workshop)

  • MEL attended Samsung-KHU joint research project workshop and presented new high power semiconductor (GPGPU) thermal management solutions. 

2016/07: Foreign Conference (HT/FE/ICNMM)

  • Seunggeol Ryu attended HT/FE/ICNMM conferences in Washington D.C, USA and gave 2 talks​​

  1. Water Penetration on Superhydrophobic Mesh during Drop Impact

  2. Heat and Mass Transfer Performance of Nanostructured Evaporator Wicks Combined with Porous Metal Liquid Supply Structures

2016/06: Conference (SAREK)

  • Junghun presents paper at SAREK 2016 summer conference in Pyeongchang and selected as excellent publication of session 9-B

2016/06: New Research Grant (Basic Research Laboratory)

  • MEL is selected as the Basic Research Laboratory by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and will receive 3+3 years of research funding.

  • Topic: BRL for Nanosurface-based electric energy conversion

2016/05: New patents  

  • Congratulations to Junghun, Dasol and Prof.Nam for registering new patents

  • #10-1608278: Manufacturing method of high efficiency copper oxide selective absorber fabricated with chemical oxidation

  • #10-1619388: Hybrid thermophotovoltaic system applicable for a wide range of radiation spectrum

​2016/04: Conference (KSME)​

  •  ​​MELers attended KSME conference in Yeosu and gave 2 talks.

  1. Influence of surface wettability on anti-icing performance of heat exchangers (presented by Donghyun)

  2. ​Performance Analysis of Nanostructured Cu-based Solar Thermal Absorber Surfaces (presented by Dasol)

2016/04: New Paper (Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group) ​

  • Congratulations to Donghyun and Junghun for a publication in the prestigious multidisciplinary journal Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).

  • Title: The Effects of Surface Wettability on the Fog and Dew Moisture Harvesting Performance on Tubular Surfaces. Link​

2016/03: New Paper (Biofouling) ​

  • Congratulations to Kyunghwan and coauthors for a publication in the prestigious journal Biofouling (JCR top 3.8%)

  • Title: A superhydrophilic nitinol shape memory alloy with enhanced anti-biofouling and anti-corrosion properties . Link

2016/03: Foreign Conference (PRTEC 2016)

  • Seungtae and Junghun present at PRTEC 2016, Hawaii's Big Island, USA, March 13-17, 2016

2016/03: New Research Grant (LG Electronics)

  • MEL receives a research grant from the LG Electronics R&D center 

  • Topic: Lightweight thermal management solution for electric vehicles.

2016/01: Foreign Conference (MNHMT 2016)

  • Donghyun and Junghun present at MNHMT 2016, Biopilis, Singapore, January 4-6, 2016