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2018/12 : Conference (KSME 2018)

  • MELers attended The KSME fall conference in Gangwon land and gave 3 talks

  1. Improving a long-term anti-fouling performance of superhydrophobic surface via cyclic restoration of a gas layer on the surface (presented by Kyunghwan)

  2. Temperature-independent anti-oil-fouling performance of lubricant impregnated nanostructured surfaces (presented by Seungtae)

  3. Compact liquid cooling system incorporating fin and porous layer hybrid structures for high power IGBTs (presented by Jooyoung)


2018/12 : New paper (Micromachines)

  • Congratulations to Prof.Nam and coauthors for a publication in the journal Micromachines.

  • Title: Mesoporous highly-deformable composite polymer for a gapless triboelectric nanogenerator via a one-step metal oxidation process. Link


2018/10 : New paper (Appllied Surface Science)

  • Congratulations to Kyounghwan, Soosik and coauthors for a publication in the surface science journal Applied Surface Science.

  • Title: Corrosion resistance of water repellent aluminum surfaces with various wetting morphologies. Link

2018/10 : New Grant

  • Mel receives a research funding (Phase 4) from Samsung Electronics.

  • Topic: Advanced thermal packing for high power density semiconductors.


2018/09 : New patent

  • Congratulations to Jeonghoon and Prof.Nam for registering new patent

  • #10-1883992: Piston type generator based on liquid phase


2018/09 : New paper (ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces)

  • Congratulations to Jaehwan, Donghyun, Seungtae and coauthors for a publication in the surface science journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

  • Title: Condensation Heat-Transfer Performance of Thermally Stable Superhydrophobic Cerium-Oxide Surfaces. Link


2018/09 : New paper (International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer)

  • Congratulations to Donghyun, Seungtae, Byungyun and coauthors for a publication in the heat transfer journal International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

  • Title: Influence of lubricant-mediated droplet coalescence on frosting delay on lubricant impregnated surfaces. Link


2018/08 : New patent

  • Congratulations to Jaehwan and Prof.Nam for registering new patent

  • #10-1881659: Heat transfer tube having rare-earth oxide superhydrophobic surface and method for manufacturing the same


2018/08 : Conference (The 16th IHTC)

  • MELers attended The 16th International Heat Transfer Conference in Beijing, China and gave 2 talks

  1. Compact liquid cooling system for high power IGBT modules in EV/HEV applications (presented by Seokkan)

  2. Aluminum micropost wicks with a circular hyperboloid shape for micro heat spreaders (presented by Soosik)


2018/08: New paper (Nano Energy)

  • Congratulations to Prof.Nam and coauthors for a publication in the journal Nano Energy.

  • Title: Electron blocking layer-based interfacial design for highly-enhanced triboelectric nanogenerators. Link


2018/06: New paper (Physica Status Solidi (a))

  • Congratulations to Prof.Nam and coauthors for a publication in the journal Physica status solidi (a).

  • Title: Pt/Alumina Hyperbolic Metafilms with High‐Temperature Stability, Wide Wavelength Tunability, and Omnidirectional Absorption. Link


2018/04 : New paper (Soft Matter)

  • Congratulations to Jeonghoon, Seunggeol and coauthors for a publication in the surface science journal Soft Matter.

  • Title: Anisotropic drop spreading on superhydrophobic grates during drop impact. Link

2018/04 : Conference (KSME)

  • MELers attended KSME spring conference in Jeju and gave 5 talks

  1. Condensation performance of lubricant-impregnated surfaces (LIS) at high supersaturations (presented by Donghyun)

  2. Bio-inspired thermal management solution for multi IGBT modules of EV/HEV Inverters (presented by Seokkan)

  3. Performance improvement factor of multi heat sources cooling module combining plenum manifold structure and porous material (presented by Jooyoung)

  4. Comparison of optical characteristics between tungsten nanorod and nanohole emitter for thermophotovoltaic system (presented by Kyungjun)

  5. Experimental investigation of spray cooling using periodic management on micro/nano surfaces (presented by Byungyun)

2018/04: Conference (KMEMS 2018)

  • Jeonghoon attended KMEMS 2018 conference in Jeju and gave 1 talk.

  • Topic: Enhanced electrokinetic energy conversion using ionic diode phenomena in Nafion membrane.

2018/03: Award

  • Professor Nam was selected as LG Yonam Foundation's International Scholar


2018/03: Foreign Conference (Surfcoat Korea 2018)

  • Seungtae attended Surfcoat Korea 2018 conference in Songdo Convensia and gave 1 talk.

  • Topic: Prediction Model for Oil-water Separation Based on Membranes with Special Wettability.

2018/03: Foreign Conference (ICBCHT 2018)

  • Jaehwan attended ICBCHT 2018 conference in Japan and presented following topic.

  • Topic: Condensation Heat Transfer Performance of Scalable Cerium Oxide Nanostructured Surfaces

2018/02: New Project (KEPCO)

  • MEL receives a research funding from KEPCO

  • Topic: Anti-fouling & self-cleaning coatings for electrical insulators   


2018/01: New paper (Soft Matter)

  • Congratulations to Prof.Nam and coauthors for a publication in the journal Soft Matter.

  • Title: Effect of geometrical parameters on rebound of impacting droplets on leaky superhydrophobic meshes. Link