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2019/12 : Conference (PRTEC)

  • MELers attended PRTEC conference in Maui Island, Hawaii and gave 2 talks

  1. Recognition of Hydrophobic Coating Defect During Active Condensation Using the Nucleation Sites Classification Approach (presented by Jaehwan)

  2. Passive Anti-Flooding Superhydrophobic Condensers (presented by Prof. Youngsuk Nam)


2019/09 : New paper (Nano Letters)

  • Please Congrats Kyungjun and co-authors for a publication at the Nano Letters.

  • Title: Optical Tunneling Mediated Sub-Skin-Depth High Emissivity Tungsten Radiators. Link

경준이 논문 대표도.PNG

2019/08 : New paper (Electrochimica Acta)

  • Congratulations to Jeonghoon and coauthors for a publication in the journal Electrochimica Acta.

  • Title: High-Efficiency Power Generation in Hyper-Saline Environment Using Conventional Nanoporous Membrane. Link


2019/08 : New project (Doosan)

  • MEL receives new research funding from Doosan

  • Topic: Anti-reflection and self-cleaning surface coatings for high efficiency solar cells.


2019/07 : New project (LG Electronics)

  • MEL receives new research funding from LG Electronics

  • Topic: Advanced thermal management solutions for Battery and IGBT modules for Electric Vehicles.

2019/06 : New paper (Langmuir)

  • Congratulations to Seungtae, Seokkan, Seunggeol and coauthors for a publication in the journal Langmuir.

  • Title: Performance Analysis of Gravity-Driven Oil−Water Separation Using Membranes with Special Wettability. Link


2019/05 : Conference (ITherm 2019)

  • Jooyoung attended ITherm 2019 conference in Las Vegas and gave a talk

  • ​Topic: Compact Liquid Cooling System Incorporating Metal Foam and Fin Hybrid Structures for High Power IGBTs​​​

ITherm 2019_1.png

2019/05 : Conference (KSME)

  • MELers attended KSME 2019 conference in BEXCO and gave 2 talks

  1. Degradation Phenomena Analysis of Hydrophobic Coatings during Condensation at High Supersaturation Level (presented by Jaehwan)

  2. Thermally Stable and Selective Cerium Oxide Emitter for Thermophotovoltaic System (presented by Kyungjun)

2019/04 : Award (Outstanding Paper Award)

  • Congratulations to Kyunghwan for receiving the “Outstanding Paper Award” from the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineering  (KSME)


2019/04 : New patent

  • Congratulations to Kyunghwan, Seungtae, Jaehwan, Donghyun and Prof.Nam for registering new patent

  • #10-1953966: Heat transfer tube having superhydrophobic surface and manufacturing method therefor


2019/04 : Conference (KSME 2019)

  • Jeonghoon attended KSME 2019 conference in Gangneung and gave 1 talk

  • Topic: Scaling law for contact time with cylindrical superhydrophobic surfaces during water drop impact


2019/03 : New patent

  • Congratulations to Seunggeol and Prof.Nam for registering new patent

  • #10-1940188: Heat spreader


2019/03 : New Grant

  • MEL receives research funding from the National Research Foundation in Korea (KRF) through the Fundamental Research Program

  • Topic: Pyroelectric condensers for enhanced heat transfer and electric power generation

2019/02 : Graduation ceremony

  • Congratulations to our recent graduates Dr. Seunggeol Ryu, and Dr. Donghyun Seo!