Research Statement

 Our vision is to deliver innovative energy solutions by combining novel surfaces/materials, fundamental understanding in multiscale heat/mass transport phenomena and state-of-the art model/experimental techniques. Take a look at following research summaries and contact us via if you have any inquiries.

Innovative Energy Solutions

Novel Surfaces and Materials

Multiscale Transport Phenomena

Selected Research Projects & Sponsors

  • Electric energy conversion using nanoengineered surfaces (2016~2019 within National Research Foundation Basic Research Laboratory program)

  • Smart heat transfer surfaces with reversible wetting characteristics (2015~2018 within National Research Foundation Fundamental research program)

  • High Energy Density Thermophotovoltaic Batteries for Space Applications (2014~2019.06 within National Research Foundation Core Space Technology program)

  • Nano-Engineered High Efficiency Energy Conversion Systems (2014~2019 within National Research Foundation Brain Korea 21 Plus (BK21+) program)

  • Thermal design for hybrid electric unmanned vehiclesTECHWIN, 2016.11~2017.10 +

  • Ultralight cooling solutions for IGBTs and batteries of electric vehiclesLG, 2015.03-2017.02+    

  • Advanced thermal packing for high heat flux semiconductorsSAMSUNG, 2015.01-2019.12

  • High efficiency condensers for next generation power-plantsDOOSAN, 2015.04-2017.09

  • Anti-fouling surfaces for seawater power plantsKRISO, 2015.01-2019.12

  • Bio-oil based gas turbine combustion systemKETEP, 2015.12-2018.11 

  • Engineering Micro/Nanoscale Phase Change Phenomena for Thermal Transport and Water Management (2012-2014 within National Research Foundation  NRF program)

  • Solar Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion System (2010-2012 within Department of Energy  DOE - S3TEC program)

  • Advanced Thermal Ground Plane (TGP) for High Power Semiconductors (2007-2010 within Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  DARPA - TGP program)

  • Fundamental Investigation of Nanobubbles and Nucleation Phenomena (2006-2007 within National Science Foundation NSF - CTS program)